Farmer’s Yard

This place is abounding in love. Come and enjoy.

You will love it!

7 thoughts on “Farmer’s Yard”

  1. Hello we just arrived in canggu! Do you have Any bunks for 3 people tomorrow night or the next night? Looks like a great place and a friend who lives here recommended it to me. Thanks very much 😀

  2. Hey guys,
    I love the ethos of your hostel! I would love to come and stay but I’m on such a tight budget, I wouldn’t be able to eat if I came! I was recommended by rainbow brothers and sisters. I wondered if there was any work I could do in exchange for accommodtion. I am a yoga teacher and also trained in Balanise massage, also I have a tent so maybe could sleep in that if you have anywhere I could pitch it?! I would love to come asap with the potential of staying a while once I upgrade to a 60 day visa.
    Anyway I really hope to hear from you soon!
    All the best,
    Esme xx

  3. Wow… Impressive. I mean I really love how the hostel looks and all the sounds you can hear so often in the rural areas. Great! Wish I could come there.

  4. Hello! Me and my friend LÊa are planning on coming to Canggu tomorrow, ada kamar konsong? 🙂 We would love to stay with you guys!!
    All the best,

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